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The latest product that my team will soon be taking a look at in the forthcoming weeks is Profit Maximiser by Mike Cruickshank.

So, what is Profit Maximiser? Well, it is a service mike cruikshank which lets you make risk free gain. It is mentioned on the promotion page that in one single year it is possible to make GBP5000 worth of risk free gain over.

Full membership to Profit Maximiser typically costs GBP147 VAT, but there is presently an offer of GBP97 VAT accessible. There's also a 60 day money back guarantee.

You'll be able to send a message via their online messaging to the support team if you have any questions

First Ideas

As it says above The Profit Maximiser is a service which will enable you to make in the principal risk free profits.

This really is achieved by using a number of the bookmakers signing on their regular offers and also bonuses.

There are also numerous other chances that Mike highlights and notifies you of via an email.

Mike normally sends an email out every few days.

Included with this there's a facebook page that is dedicated to members only and this seems to be another excellent way to obtain information.

When you become a member and sign up there are a significant few videos for you to watch which show you just how gains have been made by Mike from different bonus offers and other risk opportunities that are free.

What I hope to do is upgrade the site each week letting you know how I've got on in the preceding seven days.

So I'll be back next Sunday 22nd Sept with some successful risk free profits.


Our trial of Profit Maximiser is now over and I've made a profit GBP724.80 and all risk free.

I've to mention that it is really gratifying and also lucrative.

It has also been a huge learning curve for me personally as well.

I didnt realise just what offers are around and how they can be used by you in your favor.

Firstly I want to say the customer service I mean always and that Mike who runs Profit Maximiser supplies is second to none, he consistently answers to your e-mails and usually within minutes.

He is patient and extremely helpful and never appears to tire of answering questions, much desired when you're a newcomer like me.

He has also put in place a Facebook newsgroup and this can be an absolute goldmine of help and info.

The members are all helpful and really friendly, and in the time I have been trialing Profit Maximser I nothing has been seen by me on the Facebook page other than the usual very friendly group of people striving to generate income collectively.

Profit Maximiser WOn't cause you to rich overnight but it'll make you money for sure.

I might view it as being in an extremely friendly club, whose purpose is to make some cash together, and then you'll relish your own time as an associate of the club, in the event you have that mindset.

You do need to be patient and build your bank up steadily, and after that as it grows you can start to become involved in a number of the offers that are larger.

The main idea will be organised and record everything you do, so you know precisely where you are with the offers.

Not actually much more I can say apart from JOIN

This service continues to be by far the best I've reviewed, and also the only one which has delivered everything it said it would.

It gets a gigantic APPROVED

This takes my gains to GBP724.80.

I made some cash from slots and also horses this week not a lot of and painless effort.

Sunday 10th November

I 'd a quieter week this week but still had time to create some risk free gains.

An entire gain of GBP56.34.

This takes our entire gains to GBP640.60.

Sunday 3rd November

Yet again another nice gain for the week with not too much effort.

Again I played with a fiscal no lose stake some Casino/Games in addition to a free football accumulator plus some horse racing.

This weeks entire gain was GBP135.73

This takes our total profits to GBP584.26.

Back next week with an increase of gains

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