Dangers and Health Risks of Eating Meat

Life Made Easy and Healthy

Eating "real" food is much more simple than a meat eater could ever imagine. By cutting out meat and dairy your body becomes stronger, slimmer, and much more happy.

Cut out saturated fats: any fatty substance that is solid, like the white bits in bacon, sausages and ham, butter, cheese, lard etc. They clog up the arteries and cause obesity and heart failure.

Eat fruit, raw vegetables, pulses, mushrooms, and nuts.

For carbohydrates: whole meal grainy bread, rice, potatoes, couscous, pasta.

Instead of spending hours shopping for food, you can now ignore the meat and dairy isles at the supermarket.

Instead of spending ours in the kitchen cooking, you can now use a juicer to get some real healthy raw food inside you within a matter of minutes.

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To Conclude

The evidence of the dangers and health risks of eating meat is now clear. Even if I was to believe only half of the information I have gathered here, out in the real world, I see that people and children are getting obese and sick all around me at alarmingly increasing speed. Statistics promise that 2 /3rd of us will get cancer. Cancer has become a growth for profits industry.

No thank you. I believe that being aware of the dangers of meat consumption, and being a vegetarian, gives me a better chance of survival. If more of us were informed, perhaps the evil and so damaging meat industry would be outlawed, like the slave trade. Or the habit of eating meat will gradually vanish, like the nuclear threat during the cold war, apartheid, the Berlin Wall, or cigarette smoking? Let us remain optimistic and start at number one, yours truly.


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